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sherry & scott

sherry & scott are the proud owners of meg-art, since 1997, when we only had 1 daughter, megan - the namesake of meg-art! since then, our family has grown, with the addition of 2 more daughters, allee & darby, and our dogs, madi, kodi & finnley - who love to hang out at meg-art! i’m sure many of you have watched all of them grow up!


meg-art has been so rewarding for us - from seeing all the artwork through the years, watching people find their creative side that many never knew existed, working with our always awesome staff, to being a part of so many lives that have come in, use & display their pottery in their homes. we truly thank you for the never-ending support all these years - without our painters, we wouldn’t be living our dream!!


when we aren’t at the studio, we love family time, cooking, traveling & mountain biking. we’ve had many adventures & hope it all continues for many, many more years. 

we hope to see you painting soon because “painting pottery is fun!”


hello my name is darby george, you may know me from the samples throughout the store or as the owners youngest daughter. I currently attend Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. I LOVE to dance, hangout with friends and interact with our fun and exciting costumers. I have been helping out with the studio throughout my whole childhood. Having this job so early has truly helped with social skills and work ethic. My favorite thing about meg-art is the espresso bar - I love drinking coffee and making it for other people. I also love helping with pottery painting ideas, hearing feedback and brightening other peoples day! 


Hey there! My name is Emily and I have been a part of the meg-art fam since 2010! Some of my favorite things about meg-art are seeing everyone’s creations and whipping up coffees at our espresso bar. Outside of the studio you can catch me loving on all the animals at my job as a veterinarian technician. In my free time I love to cook/bake, travel (to Boone especially…Go ’Neers), go brewery hopping and hang with friends and family. Some nights you might find me at meg-art painting late on various projects—come get crafty with me! 


Hello! My name is Makayla. I've been working at meg-art since the summer of 2019 and absolutely love it!! I just graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, go heels!!! I love meeting new people and seeing all the cool pottery people make. And I especially love the espresso bar. Hope to see you there soon! :) 


hey! I’m claire! I’m a freshman at Hough High School, and have been working at meg-art since July 2019. I’ve been painting at meg-art since I was two and I absolutely love it! I love talking to really cool customers and seeing their awesome masterpieces! You’ll probably notice me jamming to whatever music is playing while I’m working. I also LOVE pretty much anything at the meg-art espresso bar, although I think my favorite is probably an iced cappy con leche (thanks for introducing it to me Megan)!! My house is FULL of cool pottery filled with memories. I think at least half of our mugs are from meg-art! In my free time I love to draw, sing, act, read, hang out with friends, rock out to music, and paint. I hope to see you at meg-art!


Hello, I’m Audrey, a long time pottery painter and friend of the George’s. I worked back in the late 90’s and now, since december 2022, I’m happy to be back. I love being part of such a great group. My favorite part of working here is our customers. It’s fun watching their creativity and the fun they have at the studio.  I love hiking with my two pups, Maddie & Fred and just started mountain biking which is really fun!


Hey! My name is Lauren and I started working at meg-art in September 2022 and have loved every minute! I graduated from Corvian Community High School in 2024 and  I am attending ECU. I love to see everyone’s creativity and excitement when they come and pick up their pieces. In my free time I like to hang out with friends and family, play softball, and to paint. Hope to see you soon!!


Hey! My name is Miranda I am originally from Florida, I moved here when I was 5! I graduated from Community School of Davidson, I am currently taking college courses a long with working here at Meg-Art! Some of my hobbies are playing guitar and piano, I look forward to meeting you soon and seeing new creative ideas you have! 


Hello everyone! My name is Khris and my favorite part of working at Meg-art is the amazing work environment and the community of joyful people I get to see! I love constantly being in a creative and welcoming place! In my free time I enjoy making art, going on hikes, cooking, writing, and traveling/meeting new people! Remember that anyone can be creative ;) 


ruff ruff, i’m an irish wolfhound - born august 27, 2020 to fiona & rocky of ireland, but i was adopted by my human parents, sherry & scott of meg-art. i love being a meg-art studio dog because i get to meet lots of people & get lots of rubbin's. everyone says that i’m soooo big & hairy but i’m a gentle, nice girl that can’t wait to show you my cute face - which includes my innocent eyes, my burnt marshmallow nose & and my beard - but watch out after i get a drink or you may get beard-juiced 🤣! i love playing with my human & furr sisters and i really like walkie time & long naps! come paint & watch me grow 💕(currently 170 pounds)


woof 🐾

madi was the first studio dog in 2009 when her human sister allee convinced her parents to rescue her from a local animal shelter when she was 9 months old.

anytime her people asked her if she wanted to go to meg-art, she got so excited & ran right to the car!

she loved hanging out with all the painters when she was there & got lots of treats from the friday night regulars (they knew chicken was her favorite) + everyone admired her beauty when they walked in ☺️ 

in her spare time, she loved to take long naps & bark at squirrels!

*madi went to heaven august 5th 2022 - she will always be remembered as the BEST studio pup ever!!

gamma & gampa

this is dale & paul but most people know or call them “gamma & gampa" as they are the mother/father, mother-in-law/father-in-law, and grandmother/grandfather of sherry, scott, megan, allee & darby.

gamma worked at meg-art several years ago until she decided to retire. she loved working here - helping customers, putting away pottery orders & doing kiln work, but she really enjoyed keeping the shelves organized (we called her the re-arranger)!  she still loves to paint displays at home in her spare time.
 gamma & gampa are our proudest supporters of our little pottery studio we opened way back in 1997 :) 


they are both retired now and on occasion they will show up to give a helping hand or come in & paint at the studio. they live in sun city carolina lakes, indian land, sc - have been married now for 52 years and enjoy traveling and riding their harley.


Hey everyone! My name is Megan. I am the manager here, and a pretty cool one if i say so myself 😃 I've been at meg-art my whole life - hint hint, “meg”-art. My favorite part of working is doing hand & foot prints, or helping you bring out your artistic side! When i'm not working i love hanging out with my fam, petting dogs, going on cruises, skydiving, and painting.. at meg-art lol. Come paint with me soon :)


hey i’m allee! I’m the middle child of the george fam (and the coolest, sorry megan and darby). I’ve always been a part of the meg-art staff in a way because my family owns it but i actually started working here in the summer of 2013! I love working here because of the cool customers, happy work environment and our super awesome staff!! I also really love making the coffees so come get one!! I’m also a nasm certified personal trainer! I am currently in cosmetology school and will soon be a licensed hairstylist! I love going on walks, cooking, outside adventuring or playing with the loves of my life Kodi and Finnley (i miss my madi everyday)!! I hope to see you in the studio soon!


Hey guys! My name is Maggie and I love working at Meg-Art. My favorite things about Meg-Art is being creative and social. Back in 2007 while attending Johnson and Wales I stumbled upon Meg-Art, and fell in love! After graduating college I have worked as a baker/cake decorator. At the moment you can find me at Red Radish as the Head Baker. In my spare time I enjoy painting pottery, working on puzzles and binge watching tv shows with my rescue cat Lucy!


Hi! My name is Skyler! I graduated from UNC Wilmington in 2020. When I’m not working you can find me hanging out with my sweet goldendoodle Hazel. Or my two cats Berry Allen and Bruce Wayne. I love hiking, practicing yoga, woodworking, cooking, and watching movies. Art has been a huge passion in my life. I dabble in ceramics, watercolor, shrinky dinks, interior design, and more! My favorite part about Meg-Art is talking to our amazing customers and practicing my latte art <3


Hi! My name is Michaela Wolfe and I have been working at Meg-Art since March 2021. I love working in a creative environment and meeting all of the customers. I attended kindergarten through 12th grade at The Community School of Davidson. I am now a freshmen at Vanderbilt University studying neuroscience. I love to travel, paint, and try new restaurants in my free time. My favorite part about working here is seeing all the fun ideas people come up with! Can’t wait to see you here! 


Hey there! I’m Erika and have been working at meg-art since march of 2022. I am currently a freshman at The University of Tennessee (go vols)! I love to see all the fun and unique art pieces, meet new people, and love helping out whenever I can!! Outside of meg-art, I love painting, drawing, hiking, camping, and hanging out with family and friends :)) I hope to see you at meg-art soon!!


Hey! My name is Savannah but I go by Savy.

I currently go to Langtree charter and graduate in may.

I plan to go to college in the mountains! 

My favorite thing about working at meg-art is seeing the before and after - people are shocked what their pieces look like after being fired! I love the creative and friendly work environment as well the people:) 

can’t wait to see you painting here!


Hey! I’m Paige I’ve been working at meg art since may 2023! I’m currently a junior in high school. In my free time I love hanging out with friends and family and playing soccer! My favorite part about meg-art is our amazing work environment and seeing how excited the kids are to paint! Hope to see you guys soon!


Hey! My name is Emily. I’ve been working at Meg-art since February 2024. Ive been painting at megart ever since I was little! I’m currently duel enrolled im high school AND Gaston College to become a nurse :) I hope to see you guys soon!!


Hi guys! My name is Malena. I’ve been a student at Northwest School of the Arts for the past 5 years as a musical theater major, but this upcoming fall i’m transferring to Davidson Day! I absolutely love music and performing,  it’s a huge part of my life. Some of my hobbies include photography, exploring new places, and art! I love the environment at meg-art (I've been painting here since I was 5!) and I can’t wait to make many memories with our wonderful staff and customers!!! 


ruff! i’m kodi - look at my face, it's seriously gotta be the cutest thing you've ever seen! i joined the meg-art family in august of 2016 when they rescued me from the streets of sugartree, tennessee. i love coming to meg-art & meeting the painters (i’m a friday night regular, but sometimes i get to go other days too)!

my mom & sisters like to paint pottery with my paws, and i must say it’s the cutest pawtery we have! i really love my family - especially  my dad - he’s my hero. i also like adults that bring me chicken, bonies, doggie toys & playing outside :) don't be afraid if i bark, i just have to let everyone know who the boss is!

hope to see you soon & if you want one, i give out nice smooches 😘

want to work at meg-art?

fill it out, THEN DROP IT OFF

applicants must be  minimum 15 years old, very outgoing, loves people & dogs, and likes a fast
paced multi-task type environment!     

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