pressed prints in clay can be scheduled online

or call the studio 704-896-5211 for an appointment if a date/time you’d like isn’t listed & we can see if we can work you in!


pressed prints - feet can be done from 3 months old & up, hands can be done starting at 1 year old, paws can be done anytime! choose your appointment & pay for the minimum 1 print, if you add prints the day of, you can pay the difference. 


clay firing 🔥 timeframe:

once you finish your creation, the item(s) will need to air dry for at least 1 week then we can fire it to the bisque phase.

we will call you after this firing & then you can return to paint your clay imprints - you can come anytime to paint, no appointment is necessary. when you are done, we will glaze & fire it with a 1 week turn-around time.


pressed prints: hand-foot-paw