meg-art's espresso bar offers quality ingredients to make you the best cup in town! our beans are fresh roasted in small batches by meg-art’s owner, scott george! enjoy a cup to go or paint with a yummy drink in your tummy!! a great cup of coffee or a tasty hot or cold latte will get your creative juices flowing! it's the perfect combination!!!

lattes & frappes

hot or cold (blended or on the rocks)

mocha / coffee toffee / vanilla / caramel / mint chocolate chip /salted caramel / white chocolate / java chip / nutella / cheetah (blend of carmel & mocha)

sugar free mocha & vanilla


hot chocolate milkshakes



double shot (extra double shot in a drink $1)



a.k.a café americano - single or double espresso shot w/hot water



single or double espresso w/steamed & lightly foamed milk



single or double espresso w/steamed & frothy milk


cappy con leche

single or double espresso, sweetened with brown sugar, w/steamed & frothy milk, sprinkled w/cinnamon sugar (also available sugar free)


chai tea

latte (hot) or cold (blended or on the rocks)


flavored teas

assorted flavors to choose from - with or without honey. comes with 2 tea bags


hot chocolate

creamy & dreamy!!


apple cider


apple cider with carmel


whip cream

extra or added to a drink that it isn't included


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2 are discounted & last 1 is free!!!