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adult & kids events, workshops & more 

painting pottery is fun!

come to one of our awesome events or workshops & learn cool techniques while creating your masterpiece! 

bring your friends or a date & adult events are BYOB (if you are 21) 

great for beginners & even experienced painters - we are certain you will learn something & maybe even make a new friend!

paint a keepsake you’ll treasure forever! 

our events are staffed with a knowledgeable & fun crew! 

they walk around & give helpful & encouraging advise as well as provide hands on art when needed.

we try our best to make sure each masterpiece is your own unique work of art!!!  

events & workshops number of painters vary & may be listed on the sign-up but the max is always 25 artists so sign up early 

check out our upcoming activities below:

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there aren't any special events at this time!


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we don't have any events coming up at the studio

book a group below or

👩🏼‍🎨  just stop in to paint anytime  🎨

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