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meg-art comes to you 🚙 

off-site events are fun!

places we will go:

breweries ● coffee shops ● clubhouses ● camps ● college activity centers ● restaurants ● bowling alleys ● weddings ● churches ● your house ● etc...

all you need is 10 or more painters!!

book one of our awesome events at your facility & we will bring everything for your guests to create a masterpiece! 

great for beginners & experienced painters - we are certain everyone will have fun &  paint a keepsake they’ll treasure forever! 

your event will be staffed with a knowledgeable & fun hostess or crew! 

they walk around & give helpful & encouraging advise as well as provide hands on art when needed.

we try our best to make sure each masterpiece is their own unique work of art!!!  

step 1: contact megan or miranda to talk about the events or book a date & time for your event:



step 2: pay the minimum deposit

(use the link below or they will send it to you)

👩🏼‍🎨    🎨

offsite events jpeg.png

There is no cost you as long as you have at least

10 painters - this covers the $300 minimum for

go to’s that we require to come to you (the deposit you will pay). Some places sell tickets before the event so you have an idea of how many are coming, or if you have limited space, you can put a cap on sales. We always bring extra pottery so you can pre-sell & also sell them at the event for last minute people if you still have space. Many places will sell the ticket for more than we charge, like $35 - $45 & add in a drink or snack but that’s up to you - some just up charge so you can end up making money by having the event!!

example: if you sign up 15 people, the total for the group is $450 & since you will have already paid the $300 deposit when you booked the event, you will just owe us the difference of $150 the day of the group &

if you up-charged to say $40/person with 15 people = $600

your profit is $150  🎉

popular yearly

church group example:

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 5.32.23 PM.png
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