Believe Big Mug Painting

what is a Believe Big mug?

Believe Mugs are hand-painted by children and adults in our community. each beautifully painted mug is delivered with the "I Will Have No Fear " prayer. our hope is that each time a cancer fighter uses their Believe Mug, he or she is reminded to believe that with God all things are possible, and that people within their community care.

who gets the Believe Big mug?

Believe Mugs painted at meg-art are beautifully packaged and delivered to the Novant Infusion Center right here in Huntersville. 

why paint a Believe Big mug?

Believe Mugs serve as a source of encouragement to the cancer fighter. they are a pleasant reminder that someone in their community cares for them and their well being. these mugs bring a smile to many patients’ faces.

who can do a Believe Big mug painting?

anyone! mugs can be painted by children, adults, groups of any size and affiliation!

how can i paint a Believe Big mug?

stop in to meg-art at any time & we can set you up with everything you need to paint a mug. this is a great option for individuals, families, large or small groups.  the cost of $15 per mug is all-inclusive. the mugs are then donated to a cancer patient by our staff at meg-art. (book a group online - at the studio or we can come to you)